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Worship Spaces

Be heard!
Most worship spaces are designed with two things in mind: capacity and appearance. The room must be large enough to accommodate the church’s congregation. It must also be built so that the aesthetics of the room heighten the worship experience.

Unfortunately, the acoustic performance of the room is almost always ignored. Given the importance of the message being delivered Concerned about looks? Our acoustic panels are built to our clients’ tastes and are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes to both the preacher and the congregants, this is a major oversight. Considering the prevalence of organs, choirs, and worship bands, this seems careless.

At Dual Acoustics, we work with ministers and music directors who are frustrated with their imperfect rooms to give them a space that they can be proud of. Our consultations are informational, low-pressure conversations designed to help us find the perfect solution for your acoustical needs.

We also specialize in treatments for recording and broadcast facilities, so if your organization hosts these sorts of activities, we are also equipped to provide you with studio-specific guidance and design.

The acoustic treatments that we offer can be configured to perfectly complement your worship space. We also offer 3D design options so that you can have a photo-realistic image of what your space will look like before you purchase any of our acoustic solutions. Our panels are hand-built, professionally upholstered, and available in over 200 different fabric options to ensure that they are as pleasing to the eyes as they are to the ears. They are hung on the walls of your space much like picture frames and do not require that we make any permanent alterations to your building. We do not charge extra to build you custom-sized panels should your space demand them.

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