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Trial & Error

Dual Acoustics was founded by two music producers who spent eight years meticulously refining their recording environment and expanding their production skills. Along the way, gear upgrades were commonplace: audio interfaces, mics, preamps, monitors, cables…everything was replaced. All of the latest software was installed and tested in different combinations while new recording and mixing techniques were studied on a daily basis. After three frustrating years, still confused as to why they just couldn’t seem to achieve the quality of audio that the world’s leading producers seemed to have, the answer finally arrived. As it turned out, the problem wasn’t their gear at all.

Confusing the Situation

Most people know what a flutter echo sounds like. Just clap your hands in an empty space and listen. Unfortunately, the usual band-aid for that particular problem is acoustic foam. With a decent amount applied, much of that flutter echo goes away. Problem solved? No, problem created. If you’re going to absorb unwanted reflections from your space, you need to make sure the result is an even response across the entire frequency spectrum. Acoustic foam is great for absorbing very high frequencies but it does little else. Foam is just not dense enough to stop high energy sound waves so, hanging it in a room leaves an excessive amount of mids and lows. Ever turn the treble on your stereo all the way down? It doesn’t sound good.

Bigger Problems

The problem doesn’t stop there. Beyond simple flutter echoes, there are two much nastier issues out there: standing waves and modal ringing. Without boring you to tears, let’s just say these two very real acoustic problems can almost eliminate any benefit you may be getting from high end audio gear. This can’t be stressed enough: your listening space is more powerful than your gear and no combination of even the best equipment will yield the results you’re looking for until your major acoustic issues are resolved. If you want a true, accurate, audio experience, start by taking your room out of the equation.

Approaching a Solution

Unfortunately, even if you’re convinced, we know that pulling the trigger and actually buying acoustic treatment still isn’t easy. We’ve been there. It can be expensive, you can doubt its performance, and there are always aesthetics to consider. If you want to know if our products work or if you’re getting a good deal, look closely at our Riverbank lab results, read the detailed product descriptions, and then do some shopping around. If you’re in the Chicagoland area and think that hearing is believing, we can arrange for a product demo in our downtown studio. If you just want to see our products, plan a budget, and get a better idea of how they’ll look in your listening space, take advantage of our on-site 3D Proposal service. There is no better way for you to move cautiously and cost-effectively towards a better listening experience.

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