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The problem isn’t your gear:
Whether your space is a studio, a house of worship, or an extra bedroom you mix in on weekends, Dual Acoustics wants to change the way you perceive audio. This desire goes beyond simply making things sound better, although that is on our agenda as well. Our primary goal is to reverse the way you approach the entire audio design process. You may not think of what you’re doing as design work but, every time you make a change to some aspect of your listening space, you redesign your audio chain. That chain includes anything between your electrical outlet and your ears. Cables, audio interfaces, A/D converters…the list goes on. But what happens to the audio after it leaves your speakers? That sound is continuously being shaped, re-amplified, and duplicated hundreds of times by surrounding surfaces before you ultimately hear it. With this in mind, if you’re trying to pinpoint the weakest link in your audio chain, focus on the factors that are closest to your ears and work backwards through your audio chaindoesn’t it make more sense to focus on the forces closest to your ears and work backwards? Dual Acoustics wants to push you to think outside the world of “gear” when it comes to solving your audio problems and start by focusing on the most influential factor in your listening space: the space itself.


Dual Acoustics was conceived in a recording studio and the quality of our products reflects what we, as engineers, producers, and artists, demanded: performance first, aesthetics a close second. Creating an acoustically transparent control room, a natural sounding live room, or a warm, even vocal booth can be challenging. Our product line was developed over the course of eight years and refined to fit the needs of home studio owners up through industry veterans running multi-million dollar studio complexes.


Even when using top-of-the line PA systems and quality amplification, errant reverberations in your worship space can lead to a muddled, unclear sound that keeps your message from getting across. This can be especially problematic for churches that use live singers and musicians in their services.

Elegantly upholstered in over 200 colors and patterns, our acoustic treatment is attractive, effective, and unobtrusive. Combining our fabric options with different shapes, sizes and configurations, your solution can be just as pleasing aesthetically as it is acoustically. Installation is much like hanging a picture, so it doesn’t require any structural damage and we can quickly complete the job during off-hours.
Please visit our worship spaces page to learn more about how Dual Acoustics can help you be heard.


You don’t need to be an audioholic to be able to recognize a high quality audio system. Your local movie theater, when done properly, is the perfect example: tight, powerful lows, punchy mids, and smooth, intelligible highs. Given the falling prices on home theater systems, why is the theater-level audio experience still so difficult to replicate in a house? Other public venues like night clubs don’t have it any easier: boomy/muddy audio combined with feedback on a live stage.

After just a modest investment in audio gear, one of the biggest missing pieces is acoustic treatment. Movie theaters are typically large venues designed with extensive treatment built into the walls. The embedded treatment absorbs unwanted reflections so that the audio source can be heard with minimal reflective noise. As the venue gets smaller (i.e. a room in a night club down to a typical home listening space), controlling low frequencies becomes more and more difficult while mids and highs remain just as troubling. However, because our product line was designed around the needs of recording studios, we have devices that can handle anything a club or home system can possibly throw at them: 50Hz through 6kHz.


Institutional clients that we have worked with in the past include:
- The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago
- Butler College of Communications
- Urban Broadcast Media
- Greater Harvest Church
- International Schools of Chicago


Commercial clients that we have worked with in the past include:
- Warner Bros. Studios
- Polymyth Productions
- Nitel

Latest News

Church of Pentecost U.S.A.

We are excited to be working hand-in-hand with GC Pro to update The Church of Pentecost U.S.A.’s sound system and listening environment!

Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago

We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed a treatment for the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago. By covering a sizable portion of the wall space in their worship area, we have helped them overcome unwanted reverberations and tighten up the sound of their room.

Swift Mansion

Dual Acoustics is now part of an ongoing collaboration with Swift Mansion to build out their recording and broadcasting facilities!

B96's own DJ Flipside

We’ve completed the initial design of B96 DJ Flipside’s studio and will be building it out early April. Looking forward to working with one of Chicago’s favorite DJs!

Mixin Marc

We completed the installation for long time B96 DJ Mixin Marc today and his studio both looks and sounds flawless. His design included QuantumTraps, LowTraps, SpectrumPanels, and a two-panel HMLowTrap Cloud over mix. A frequency sweep and room EQ was done post-install to tweak any remaining rough spots but it turned out to be completely unnecessary…the room has a near flat response. Couldn’t be happier. Photos coming soon…

DJ Rock City and Soundpusher

Today we were happy to add DJ Rock City and Soundpusher’s Music Garage studio to our list of installed locations. Their dramatic baltic birch-covered studio underwent a complete sonic overhaul with the addition of over 25 high, mid, and bass management panels. One of the sweetest mix positions we’ve heard. Photos available above.

Chicago legend DJ Bad Boy Bill

Bill became a three-time client today upon the completion of his lower studio. We had previously treated his main studio (photos above) as well as the vocal booth attached to his lower studio. After experiencing first-hand the dramatic improvements to his bottom end, the elimination of his flutter echo, and a whole knew understanding of how proper studio acoustics affects his stereo field, he asked us to take on his lower studio. With the addition of our QuantumTraps, LowTraps, SpectrumPanels, and a Spectrum24 Cloud over mix, that studio has now become a trusted second mix location for Bill.

Dual Acoustics is now ONLINE!

We are still working out some kinks but we’re officially live and hoping to hear from you. Please contact us regarding any product inquiries and be sure to join our mailing list (below) to stay current on latest products, news, and deals. Thanks for visiting!

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